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Welcome to Positive Education P rogram's on-line referral system for Connections.


PEP Connections coordinates services for children and youth who are experiencing serious emotional difficulties and are determined to be at-risk for deeper system involvement and/or returning home or to the community from out of home placement.


PEP Connections works with the child and everyone involved in his or her life to create a plan of care aimed at helping the child access community supports and begin on a path to success.


For referrals, please call 216-361-2441 or click on the Online Referral link in the menu to the left. Click here to visit PEP's website.


In our efforts to improve compliance with the  requirements for protecting client information, Positive Education Program has removed identifying information from our email communications for Connections referrals and replaced them with an assigned tracking number.  When you are signed into the referral website, the associated client name will be  visibly paired with the tracking number for your reference.  Please continue to use this tracking number in email communications regarding your submitted referral.